Macaroni and Cheese

By: Sarah Ashley

On this gloomy, rainy October afternoon, with a tempest brewing on the horizon, I decided the best way to celebrate the Halloween season would be preparing a lusciously gooey pot of macaroni and cheese. Literally nothing compares to the luminous bright yellow-orange of this hearty and warm comfort food.

The rain brings out the worms and ghouls.

While some mac n’ cheese enthusiasts will tell you one homemade brand is better than another, you literally cannot go wrong when it comes to tiny noodles and cheese powder. On this particularly wet October day, I’ve chosen to indulge my spirits in Market Pantry Macaroni and Cheese Dinner (since Halloween is near, I’ll have my mac n’ cheese for lunch instead of dinner to make it more spooky).


6 cups purified water

4 tablespoons margarine

¼ cup milk

7 ounces (1 box) elbow macaroni noodles

1 packet powdered cheese sauce mix

Pour the water gently into a pot and place it upon the stove. Bring the water to a bubbling, cauldron boil. Add the elbow macaroni noodles slowly, stirring and chanting as you pour. Cook the macaroni noodles for 7 to 8 minutes, until they are tender as a baby’s finger.

Strain the elbow macaroni over the sink.

Just like straining brains!

This mad scientist recommends not rinsing the elbows before returning them to the cauldron. Allowing the noodles to stay hot and steamy makes for an ooey gooey delectable dish! Add the margarine, milk and powdered cheese mix all at the same time.

Stir firmly with a wooden spoon until the margarine has melted completely. It helps to smother the margarine under the noodles, suffocating it as it melts slowly into the mixture. Keep toiling until the milk and cheese have morphed into a creamy sauce that coats each noodle like a woolen sweater – or a witch’s cape!


Curl up on the sofa with your macaroni and cheese and a creepy novel or horror film, letting the storm clouds roll in. The drizzle turns into sheets and pretty soon all the ghosts in your apartment will want a taste of your delightfully festive Halloween treat!

Happy Halloween!